3D Digital Sculpting and 3D Printing for Bronze Casting
Joe Kenney Sculpting for 3D Printing and Casting in Metal
Sculpting in Digital "Clay" using ZBrush Software and Wacom Pen Tool
3D Printing for Casting in Metal
3D Printing - Additive Manufacturing Printing on 3 Axes (X, Y and Z)
Deep in the Heart Art Foundry, Bastrop, Texas
Photo by Ellen Greeney
"Contiguous" - Designed in 3D Digital Sculpting Software by Joe Kenney
"Contiguous" - 45 Degree Turn
"Contiguous" - 90 Degree Turn
"Contiguous" - 135 Degree Turn
"Contiguous" is Available in Stainless Steel or Bronze - 8 inches to 8-feet high
"Good Shepherd" - Designed in 3D Digital Sculpting Software by Joe Kenney
Resources for 3D Digital Sculpting Creative Applications
  • Models developed from a sketch, photograph, scan, or an idea. Services for anyone who wants to see or touch their
    concept, regardless of scale or complexity.

  • Quality outsourcing services: high resolution 3D printing in diverse materials, 5 axis milling, wire EDM (electrical
    discharge machining), injection molding, water-jet and laser cutting, CNC technology (Computer Numerical Control)
    fabricated metal sculpture, fiberglass and plastics.

  • Virtual Graphics renderings for animated advertising, architecture, and site specific sculpture proposals.

  • Executing large-scale commissions. Creative applications such as: digital enlargement for 3D printing, direct casting in
    bronze without a traditional rubber mold, CNC milling of Styrofoam armatures for enlargement, digital scanning of solid
    objects, and more to help keep your projects on track.

  • Workshop on using digital software in how to sculpt in ZBrush and export files for 3D printing and videos for marketing.  
3D Sculpture Cut into 7 Pieces for 3D Printing - Thickness of Bronze Determined by Computer Setting
3D Sculpture in Digital Software
"Lost 3D Print Casting" Process is same as Traditional Lost Wax Bronze Casting Process
3D Printer Used to Create Separate Pieces of
Good Shepherd for Casting at Deep in the Heart
3D Print + castable clay on head;
spruing system - bronze pour cu
Ceramic Shell Over 3D Print
and wax spuring for bronze
Melted Bronze Approx. 2000 Degrees
3D Print Burned Out of Shell - Bronze Pured Into Shell
Called "Lost Wax Casting"
Bronze Removed from Shell
Patina - chemicals applied to heated surface to achieve various colors requested by sculptor.
Deep in the Heart Art Foundry, Bastrop, Texas
4-ft. Bronze
"Infinite Possibilities" - Designed in 3D Digital Sculpting Software by Joe Kenney and Cast in Bronze
Patina application at Deep in the Heart Art Foundry
32-inch tall bronze on black granite base,
embedded turntable for manual rotation
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