More Information About ArteZen Sculptors ™
About ArteZen Sculptors Group ™
ArteZen Sculptors ™ are evolving a new genre of sculpture in which physicality is not a
primary consideration.  A sculpture is first created as a virtual object using a variety of
computer programs as the artistic medium.  These virtual sculptures can be translated
into numerous forms of creative expression, including, but not limited to physical objects,
videos, and still photography.
ArteZen Sculptors ™ create virtual 3-dimensional sculptures utilizing computer technologies as artistic
tools.  These virtual sculptures are generated from mathematics that in some computer applications is
described as “digital clay.”  Physical sculptures can be generated from this digital information via 3D
printers and other computer controlled technologies.
Membership in ArteZen Sculptors Group ™
ArteZen Sculptors Group™ is a nonprofit member organization incorporated in the State of
Texas formed by artists in Santa Fe and Central Texas to collaborate, share ideas and
collectively promote their interests in this new genre of sculpture.  

Membership is by juried submissions from artists interested in creating virtual sculptures
that can be translated into numerous forms of creative expression, including, but not
limited to physical objects, videos, and still photography.
Physical Objects:
ArteZen Sculptors ™ photograph their sculpture in unprecedented ways.  The virtual arena makes it
possible to achieve camera angles, perspectives, and lighting not feasible in the physical world.  A
sculpture may be rendered to help visualize the work in an actual or imagined site. These virtual
models may also be used as the photographic subjects for artistic compositions.
Still Photography:
ArteZen Sculptors ™ present virtual sculpture as videos, going a step beyond the traditional experience
of solid objects.  Movement injects the 4th dimension, Time, into the experience of a 3-dimensional
sculpture.  The medium of video allows the artist to manipulate - to sculpt - with Time.  This represents
a genre of sculpture which involves a new way of conceptualizing and relating to 3-dimensional form.  
Desert House Ranchos
Constructed Aluminum
From Virtual 3D Model
30” x 22.5” x 3”
By Buchen / Goodwin
Aluminum By Buchen / Goodwin
Bronze By Joe Kenney
LnS 1
Virtual Sculpture to Still Photo Print
Ink on Canvas
30” x 45”
By Buchen / Goodwin
Good Shepherd
Sculpted in Virtual 3D Software for
3D Printing and metal casting
4-ft Bronze on 2-ft Limestone
By Joe Kenney
Possibilities 2
Virtual Sculpture to Still Print on
Aluminum 20" x 16"
By Joe Kenney and A. David Matthew
3D Model for a Virtual Museum
Tony Buchen, Director
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Infinite Possibilities Video 2
Sculpture Designed in Virtual Software
Sunset, a Canon camera Image by A. David Matthew
Sunset image imported into sculpting software
Sculpture and video By Joe Kenney
An ArteZen Sculpture Collaboration.
Virtual 3-Dimension Sculptures to Metal Creations
Video Creations from 3-Dimension Sculptures
Aluminum Photo Print By Joe Kenney
Ink on Canvas By Buchen / Goodwin
Photographic Creations of 3-Dimension Sculptures