Resources for Exploring Digital Frontiers and Creating ArteZen Sculptures
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3d Services West, Director, Tony Buchen, holds degrees in math and physics. He has over 35 years’ experience as
sculptor and virtual artist, using 3D modeling for the realization of physical objects and the generation of imagery.  

Models developed from a sketch, photograph, scan, or an idea. Services for anyone who wants to see or touch their
concept, regardless of scale or complexity.

Quality outsourcing services: high resolution 3D printing in diverse materials, 5 axis milling, EDM, injection molding, water-
and laser cutting.

Renderings for animated advertising, architecture, and site specific sculpture proposals.

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Santa Fe, NM


About Buchen / Goodwin - Founding members of the ArteZen Sculptors Group ™

Collaborating artists Tony Buchen and Jazzmean Goodwin currently work in virtual space creating sculpture as
3D models. Their physical pieces are achieved via numerous computer related technologies: from wire EDM to
advanced 3D scanning and printing. They began their collaboration in Santa Fe, NM where they focused on
fabricated metal sculpture; exhibiting small works with galleries in Santa Fe, Dallas, and Los Angeles, and
executing several large-scale commissions.

In 1990 they became artists-in-residence at Sloss Furnaces, an industrial museum in Birmingham, Alabama where
they experimented extensively with the city’s exceptional CNC technology. During this ten year period at the
Sloss museum they became increasingly aware of the possibilities for sculpture developed as virtual models. In
2000 the artists began living in Corsica, France. Surprisingly, on this “back-in-time” island they encountered an
opportunity to experiment freely with 3D printing in its early stages. This period also marks the beginning of their
new approach to the medium of sculpture itself. They began to explore their 3D models via the photography
unique to virtual space, as stills and video. They currently work in Santa Fe as artists evolving their concept of
virtual sculpture, and as consultants for the development of physical sculpture via contemporary technology.

Bat City Art Works is owner and operated by Ricky Kimball.  He served in the United States Marine Corps from 2005 to
2010 where he worked on aircraft, deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009.  Upon leaving the Marines, Ricky studied
Media Art and Animation at the Art Institute of Austin where he learned how to utilize 3D modeling software. It was there
that he developed a passion for digital sculpture using ZBrush, and in 2015, he earned a ZBrush certification under the
direction of Ryan Kingslien.  In 2017, Ricky became the first dedicated digital designer for Deep in the Heart Art Foundry
in Bastrop, TX where he worked alongside Clint Howard, using 3D printing and milling technologies to assist sculptors
like Joe Kenney and others in realizing their creative ideas in bronze with the help of digital technology.  Ricky studied
sculpture at Texas State University. He is a Texas Society of Sculptors board member where he heads up a special
interest group for digital sculpture.

From commemoration to custom fixtures, Bat City Art Works is available to put design experience to work for you.

Sometimes even the best artists can use a professional opinion on utilizing digital sculpting tools to enhance the
creative applications such as: digital enlargement for 3D printing, direct casting in bronze without a traditional rubber
mold, CAD milling of Styrofoam armatures for enlargement, digital scanning of solid objects, and more to help keep your
project on track.

Interested in learning how to sculpt in ZBrush?  Ricky can help.

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